Personal surveillance device thread.

My venerable Nexus 6P’s microphone is starting to shit the bed, not to mention it has reached end of support so I should really get on a replacement soon. I’m keen to jump onto 5G, anyone tried this out yet?

Your new phone will brick before ubiquitous 5G coverage is a thing. What other features are you interested in?

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I mean, yes indeed but 5G is already rolled out in West London where I work at the moment, however looking at the prices for a 5G enabled phone they seem a little high for something I’ll only be able to use at/after work, not so useful for my commute. Decent camera is a must otherwise, speedy updates and not loads of bloatware i.e. Samsung.

I’m looking at a OnePlus 7T or possibly a Pixel 3 to tide me over.

I’ve been satisfied with my OnePlus 5T. Good phone. Pixel 3 probably has better camera software though.

I’ve gone for the 7T. I’ve never tried OnePlus before and I’m keen to get something new enough to last till the great 5G roll out.

By the by it looks like phones from next year will get a battery-hogging 5G modem whether or not they need it or you have a 5G plan as it’s being bundled with the new Snapdragon 865 chip.

OnePlus has been my go to since Google moved away from the Nexus line. I got a OnePlus 6 last year but my OnePlus 3 was/is still working pretty well for an ancient phone. I just wanted to upgrade before the headphone jack disappeared forever. Oxygen OS is like just stock Android with some nifty features like gestures that are useful, but maybe common place now on phones? I don’t know. (for example: V on the screen to turn on the flashlight, etc)

For a cheaper phone just to tide you over, the Pixel 3a has the same size, top tier camera, speedy updates, and no bloatware as the Pixel 3, just with a less powerful but still decent processor.

I’m still resentful about how the S9 turned out, and what it gave me before splitting like a piece of shit during a very minor fall.

I lovingly refurbished an iPhone SE and it is so smooth it’s ridiculous. Sure, the ever-present incremental battery drain is a thing, but I have to admit it is not really possible to beat the form factor. Doubly so since I don’t have big, strong hands either. Now that I don’t have to commute to work I have less and less use for the monster phones. I have no idea what my next step will be, but biting the pillow and forking over 1200 or whatever a new iPhone is, that is out of the picture.

The only certain purchase is a purple tracksuit.

From memory the iPhone SE is going out of support sometime in the coming year, last I heard there wasn’t a similar size replacement either which isn’t Apple’s greatest move.

There is allegedly a low cost SE like iphone in the pipeline

They’re cooking something up.

Barry and I are SE bros. They better not leave us hanging.

Congrats on the phone from 2009.



I too am an SE boi


SE bros update: I had the battery on mine replaced today and the Apple Store staff told me that its parts/support service for the SE will be available for another 3 years.

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That’s good news. Cheers!

Ima need a new phone this year. Most important things to me are battery life and camera. I don’t want an iPhone.

Have you thought about getting an iphone?