Patrick's Thread of NFT Scams

NFT scams are the most zoomer horse shit I have ever seen. Videogame hats for cash shops groomed them for this.

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I didn’t know what these were and then I read this.

Before the Pepe documentary I thought “this is a rare Pepe” was just an expression, not an appraisal.


So are NFTs kinda just the two-way linking system that allows micropayments to original creators that Jaron Lanier proposed in Who Owns The Future, but built on a blockchain?

Wow. I am definitely not down with the “kids these days”.

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Yeah, this is one of the first things being discuss in news or on the FRM, that I both don’t understand, and realise I don’t understand.


okay what the fuck

Kings of Leon’s album will be released everywhere albums are released — Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon — but the NFT version available on YellowHeart will be the only product with special perks. The token, priced at $50, includes enhanced media — kind of like an alternate, moving album cover — as well as a digital download of the music, and limited-edition vinyl. The sale of the album NFTs opens on Friday at 12 p.m. E.T. and continues for two weeks. After that time, no more will be made, and the NFT becomes a tradable collectible.

Rolling Stone’s Guide To Music And NFTs And Holy Shit Are You Old And Out Of Touch

I like the idea of NFTs for digital art. Perhaps I am just too old and my brain is calcified, but I never got the appeal of using blockchain technology for money, because, well, it seems like we already got a pretty useful system and what exactly are we improving upon there. That is not the case for purely digital art, where reproducibility and interchangeability of reproductions with the original is… a problem? I don’t know. It’s an issue at least but I am too drunk to think of what it is. Having a blockchained limited number of digital art “block things” in addition to the free-floating and interchangeable copies to satisfy both those who like a more “intimate” and ownershippy connection to an artwork and those who just want to consume. Maybe, in the future, having witnessed thousands of dawns, back bent, beaten down by the rains of gods own discontent, this is what we will bequeath our sons - a digital wallet full of unique token to classic pornhub vids.


Same page, this one of a kind skin for the knife in counterstrike is very reasonably priced at $45,000.00

I still don’t get it. I just right-clicked on the $118K image from Patrick’s second post and now I have it… don’t I? Here, now frm server has it too.
We’re rich!!
ai nude

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I see I’m being made fun of.


There sure are a lot of really stupid things out there these days.

Am I the first person to notice this??

I mean, a print isn’t the original painting, Jim.

The art world has been lousy with funge for too long now. Funged up to the back axle.

Here is a stone age tech analogy that better suits our ancient minds:
Grenk and Brog hanging out on a pebbled dry river bed, listlessly searching for slingshot stones:
“What’s wrong Grenk, you have been sulking all morning?”

"It just pisses me off! "

Brog sighs. “What pisses you off, this time?”

“Everything! Everyone! … You know how the shaman gave me that spirit song to sooth my ancesters, you know the one with the farting spirit frog” Grenk makes farting sounds “Bronga heard me sing it and he has copied it and says the Shaman gave it to HIM. This is the spirit song that will definine MY totem line and mine only!”

“Well…” Brog muses “Why don’t you go to Mork, that guy who carves the pebbles we use as our fungible rock currency, controls the pebble minting and pebble inflation rate… You could ask him to somehow certify that the farting frog song belongs to you and your totem line and if anyone else uses it, he can send his pebble lawyers after them”

Grenk narrows his eyes “Mork?” whispering “No, no, i don’t trust that guy. I think he is one of… them… you know… them” Grenks straightens up, pound fist into palm, shouts "We need a new system. A revolutionary system. One not controlled by… them. A system we can really trust.

Brog sits on a boulder, thinks. The sun begins to set over the Vezere hills. “I got it!. Stones. We can trust in stones. We just need bigger stones. Big fucking blocks of stones. And small stones. We take the small stone and split it into two. One half you keep. And only that half fits the other. Then we take that one half and we lay it down in that ditch over there. OK. We call that our “stone ledger” and whoever has his half in there own the song. And then… you know… so nobody can swap the stone… we get a really big stone. a huge block. It needs to be so big that we have to call in the whole tribe and those Gabrunga assholes, too. So big that it needs all the tribes to carry it and we spend a whole moon cycle lifting that huge ass stone and putting it on the ledger pit. And because we all did it and its way too much effort to change it we can all agree that whatever stone is in the pit, that is the true stone. It’s gonna be a lot of work and some of us will die of exhaustion, but at least we don’t have to trust Mork.”



“A paradigm shift!”



I love Guppy’s Caveman Tales.

I don’t know. What I liked about the internet was that information wanted to be free. Everything is a scam now so I guess I should t be surprised.



My posts are NFTs. They are also, paradoxically, samizdat.