On yer bike III: Return of the Warlords

Summer is in full swing and gyms are closed. You basically have no choice but to be on a bike, so talk about your ride and your routes.

It was a cool weekend in the Southbay, so the conditions were perfect for a ride up Mt. Hamilton via Mines Rd:

View of San Jose from the top.

The observatory on the descent.

This turned out to be one of the better Mt. Hamilton rides thanks to the brand new BART station in Milipitas. In years past, you always had to ride up through dirty ass Fremont in order to catch a ride back to the East Bay. Overall, decent ride. I need to lose more weight before I do it again.


My uncle donated an old Bianchi road bike that was rusting in his garage, so for the past year it’s been rusting in my garage getting in the way of my junk collection. Wife finally ordered me to restore it this weekend, so after letting all the parts soak in PB blaster and diesel fuel, everything appears to be functioning normally…

The frame is Columbus SLX superbutted tubing and made in Italy. Apparently, it’s a Bianchi “Isamu”, but I’ve been pouring through the catalogues and cannot find a bike model that matches this one.

I think this was a rustomod of some sort because the parts are a mix of 80’s Campignolo and late 90’s Ultegra. Either way, it’s fast as greased lightning and would likely meet Pantani’s approval. Kind of jealous it’s too small for me.


It’s a bit painful to see shimaNO on a classic Italian bike.

If you’ve ever tried cabling a Campi groupset, you’ll never wish that upon any mechanic again.

Listen, pal, I’m talking about aesthetics here.
I haven’t tried cabling anything, but also haven’t heard any complaints from mechanics.
And it’s called Campagnolo, you heathen.

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It’s all overengineered Italian junk to me!

I have the same bike- will probably have this thing till I die. I don’t go on any crazy rides, just putter around town.

My brother, who’s a bike messenger, goes on some pretty intense rides tho. His bike collection is pretty kookoo

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The best thing about those old school Surly’s is you knew exactly what you were getting. The entire frame was double butted 4130 and bomb proof. You’re going to be able to hand that frame down to your great grand children.

When Surly was sold to QBP, they started to take short cuts on the frame building, and if you look on their website, they say only the main triangle is double butted. When I was a bike mechanic, I called their headquarters and asked if that meant they were making the chainstays single butted or straight gauge and they wouldn’t tell me. So you got yourself a keeper.

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I thought Surly was always an in house QBP brand?

You know what, you’re right. Surly was always in house at Q, I didn’t even know that. My bad. I do know that they started getting cheap with their bikes around like 2013? I remember opening up the first shipments of LHT’s and being extremely disappointing that they had switched the bar ends to Microshift.

Well, guess I’m still good then. I think I got my bike in 2010 or 11

After years of riding rigid mtb’s or fatbikes on single track, I think I’m going to treat myself and get my first suspension bike. I’m looking at two choices at the moment.

Santa Cruz Hightower - a full suspension MTB with a lot of travel. My friend works at the factory so I’m looking at a discount. Just a little over 30 pounds and probably feels like riding on a cloud. I could probably ride just about any trail in the Bay plus everything near my family’s place in CO. This would be my first carbon bike and I’m paranoid of hairline fractures putting the whole thing out of commission.

Then there’s this beautifully machines piece of art, a titanium beast that looks like it can take any punishment I can dish out. I’m way more confident in alloy bikes vs carbon, so my heart is telling me to go with the Solace OM-1. But it’s not full suspension, which means my dick is going to be sore when I’m doing Colorado rides.

I’m going to go with 29rs on both because 27.5 is a meme and I think all mtb’s should be sized at good ol 26" or 29". Anyway, don’t know which one to pick yet.

the first one. trust me, i’m an expert.

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how much does that bad boy set you back? The first one, i mean.

Roughly five grand for the X01 kit, thanks to my buddy.

I also forgot my third choice:


The other ones are eight grand!

i mean it’s a hell of a bike, that’s for sure.

That solace is sick as fuck.

I know. The cable routing is glorious:

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