O, Canada

Post Canadian shit.

This band’s popularity in Canada fascinates me. They’re barely known here, but once you cross the border they’re literally bigger than Radiohead. Fucking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave an emergency press conference after the lead singer died of cancer and was sobbing.

(I don’t like their music at all. Just find Canada weird and interesting.)

I had a Canadian girlfriend once upon a time, and she loved that band. Completely mystifying.

Christ yes, I remember when I was backpacking Europe in the late 90s, every Canadian would bang on about this lot. I was so interested, I never listened to a single note of their music. Thanks for the reminding me, I will definitely not click your toob to see what it’s like.

I think The Tragically Hip are pretty good but it is equally bizarre both how hard Canada is for them, and how the rest of the world does not give a shit. I guess they have too many hockey references in their songs.


Niche content

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What is the today dog saying?

Edit: tabarnak! The brown man called me racist

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Happy Canada Day

I’m still gonna eat poutine and drink beer tho.

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Republic of Doyle is almost entirely dogshit but I can’t stop watching.

These poor dumb dumbs are all hyped up on self sufficiency after the Chinese virus and are getting amped up to cause a wave of business flight not seen since all the banks left in the between 78 and 81.

the Chinese virus


How does living in Canada compare to living in America? Serious, thoughtful efforposts only.

People from Ontario sound a lot like people from Minnesota. You’d probably fit in well. Plus in Canada they like poutine, which is like a Juicy Lucy but for French fries.

My serious, thoughtful effortpost


Fries covered in blood and gravy? Marius has never been further away.



The rest of Canada to the west can suck my ass. Quebec and the Maritimes are very nice. The tax rate is comparable to what I paid between state and federal in Orygun. It can’t touch Cascadia for natural beauty and I miss my mountain but other than that everything about life is better here. Better workers rights, renters rights (sucks as a landlord buy oh well, current tenants are good) and free healthcare with reasonable wait times.

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