Movies: Do You Even Watch Them?

I watched First Man and Us recently (cuz they’re on HBO). They were both… fine


Well now I have to see it.

It is weird how sexual all the cat poses are in the commercials.

I am downloading this at 5kbs.

The Lighthouse - Meticulously crafted with vintage film stock, lenses etc. Presented in butt-ugly digital projection.

Al Pacino was the best part of the Irishman.

The best part? Of the movie? He was the best part. Our friend at the top was the best part. Of the movie. Now…when I watch a movie. Any movie. I look forward to the best part. That’s what I do. When I watch a movie.


Marty Scorsese: great question

Watched Solo last night, don’t really understand the hate as it was enjoyable for what it was.

Downloaded Joker and Parasite as well, looking forward to both.

Watched Joker last night. Kept falling asleep and had to rewind multiple times. Was pretty good I guess.

Sir, we’re going to have to ask you to re-watch Taxi Driver and King of Comedy.

I watched An Elephant Sitting Still: four hours of misery porn set in greyest China. It had some decent scenes and Nice Shots, but moved at a crawl and had a truly ridiculous ending.

Uncut Gems is insane and highly entertaining. I think its my fav movie this year


I loved it so fucking much

The Best Years of Our Lives is currently streaming on the Criterion Channel. If any of you haven’t seen it, I highly HIGHLY recommend it. I threw it on late one night a year ago and it caught me completely by surprise. It’s surprisingly realistic for 1946, genuinely moving with no rah-rah bullshit. It deserves to be mentioned alongside any of the WWII-era classics.

Did Aniara get good reviews at home, Swedenmen? The critics here loved it, but it seemed to run out of ideas (and story) about halfway through. To compensate I kept one eye on it while imagining a frmfrm reboot where Mudrock shows passengers how to punch the boxing game in the spaceship’s arcade properly, Ziggy gets Gabbie Carter clips beamed into his brain in the AI room and Badger leads a mutiny because the captain looks a bit Middle Eastern.


Absolutely loved it. Very, very intense.

Started watching the 1959 western Warlock. DeForest Kelley, aka Doc McCoy from Star Trek, is one of the main villains. Serious cognitive dissonance!

Knives Out - Highly enjoyable and Ana de Armas is :salivatinghomer:
Ad Astra - This made less and less sense as it went along, Tommy Lee Jones was pretty great though.

Halfway through Parasite and it’s :horgh::horgh: :jimmy: