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Here is the next thing to be banned in Formula 1

I do find it amusing that doesn’t know that toe-in and toe-out mean. It appears to me that it is adjusting camber, and the description they give is of a camber change, not a toe change.

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And done (for next year anyway)

Toe setting ban shouldn’t affect it, tho. :eeey:
F1 journalism

actually the RB stands for “respiratory breakdown”

or Ruffness of Breath.

Corona has been great for sim racing. Loads and loads of real world drivers (both F1 and others) have gotten into sims to pass the time. They even got Emerson fucking Fittipaldi to show up for a race in a 1975 car (he didn’t do great, but to be fair he’s 73 years old):

I have no idea who Fittipaldi is but that’s still pretty :jimmy:.

Won two F1 championships in the early 70s. Won two Indy 500s in late 80s, early 90s. He’s an absolute legend.

Here he is driving the most beautiful F1 car ever built:

That IS a very nice looking car.

I also looked at his Wiki and it’s pretty cool he left a great team to start one with his brother, even if/especially because they never won anything.

I enjoyed this more than a real F1 race. :seriouscat:

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captive audience

Oft heralded loser Sterling Moss is dead.


omygod! Now Max Verstappen and Lando Norris are driving the Lotus 79 in iRacing. That’s, like, the second most awesome F1 car ever (and the one that Mario Andretti drove to his F1 WC).

e: The race was won by GT driver Kelvin van der Linde.

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This race between (former F1 drivers) Jenson Button and Jan Magnussen is pretty damn good.

(The car is an earlier version of the one James Hunt drives in Rush, and the one in which Fittipaldi scored his 2nd WC.)

Lando Norris beat a bunch of Indycar drivers at their own game. :jimmy: