Moments of Musical Perfection

Only post perfect moments please. No shit here.

(Our intrepid hero reads the thread title and gets excited about what he could post in here)

(Our intrepid hero realises that every band he listens to are shit and retreats)


You all knew I came in here to post this. Still, it had to be done.

This is phenomenal, especially the solo.


The original isn’t on youtube (only covers) because ECM is apparently on top of it, but this one comes to mind.

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I’ve seen Keith Jarrett live 7 times and he’s only chewed out the audience for coughing once!

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lucky, I’ve yet to see Jarrett. I’ve seen Phill Glass 3 times tho

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My ex and I talked about making this our wedding song. :sadandre:

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There is nothing better than this.

…or this

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Despite being a massive Metal Pee-Pee Pageant, there are a few ace moments from Hellfest.

You can really hear that violin

You’re jesting right?

Oh, we got a jester on our hands alright.