Marius: Full to Bursting

Who dat

marius we have to find Lanie Morgan

HOLY SHIT I forgot about her. I like to imagine that after her 10 or so scenes she contracted herself back into the G-dhead, a’la the Tzimtzum of Lurianic Kabbalah, in which the Endless One must withdraw Himself in order to separate the boundaries of the finite/infinite and make possible our fallen world


These absurdly tantalizing broads who show up and do like 8 scenes most of which you can’t even find in HD have ruined my life

So, who’s the JAP in Patrick’s post?

And remember when everybody pretended that HD porn was something we didn’t want? “Eww, big league chew labia and genital warts all high-def!”

Whereas Hi-def is definitely a plus… Projector size porn isn’t. A set of flaps you could walk through should be nobody’s thing.

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Is the porn thread too, now? I liked it when Sax used to post clips from with the time at which he flipped out and stopped watching because of the terrible acting in them.

No! My thread should remain safe for work. Horny, throbbing, very close indeed - but work appropriate.


I apologise for everything. Eugene needs to build Barry a new condo of paranoia.

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An incredibly funny female comedian

Do you think on some level she knows?

@Spyder What was the video in your hidden post and why won’t it play?

It was a webm of some girl. Not sure why it isnt supported.

Hidden post?

It’s listed as a “hidden reply”, above my post two before this one.

Huh. Must be something else I’m either blocked from seeing or too stupid to figure out.

Sax’s post about absurdly tantalizing broads from porn past reminded me of Kacey Kox.