Live After Death

Shit, we’ve had Corona so long there isn’t even a gig thread.

Last night, Sonic Boom was fantastic. Just played his new album and it ruled. Great one to kick off gig going again.


Just scored a ticket to see Asphyx later this month. I was sure the show had been cancelled.

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Idea for a bit: it turns out Gorilla has bought Aphex Twin tickets by mistake, goes and gets into drugs.

I’ve never seen Aphex. I’d like to, though. My wife isn’t into electronic music much, so Asphyx is an easier sell.


Afx is so good live, I’ve only seen him once, sober and I can highly recommend it.

This gig, though I haven’t had a chance to try that video. He switched gears at some point from squelchy trance to gabba+light show epilepsy, it was fun watching all the high people around me just going into a sort of rapt catatonic state as they attempted to process what was going on.


There’s no place to sit down.