Lifting heavy rocks

So I finally managed a 200 kg deadlift. It’s been my new years resolution for four years or something, and I think for a large portion of that time the main obstacle was mental.

I’m very happy now and will probably aim to get my power lifting total over 500 kgs/1100 lbs in 2020.


I’m thinking of trying out sumo deadlifts for a longer time period. I lift less sumo, but I have an easier time maintaining form, and I’m guessing the weight may just come with practice.

In between moving to the other side of the country and dealing with a new pupper, gym has sort of fallen by the wayside for the past few months. I’m finally in a position to get back to my routine, and it’s bad times. Lost a lot of strength. My best efforts have thus far been the lightest I was lifting before. I’m basically starting from scratch. It is amazing how quickly it goes. Feels bad, man. :sadandre:

I’m continually struggling with my shitty bench press. Max is currently 120 kg, which is less than I weigh. Weaksauce.

My squatting is improving pretty quickly. I think I’m finally squatting properly low bar, which feels way easier.

I feel you. I suspect benching capacity is the first to go and the hardest to get back. It took me twice as long today to lift half as much. Squats and deadlifts generally fare better.

It will be a pain in the ass to get back in shape, but at least I am not quite so hamstrung by technique this time around. Hopefully it won’t take too long.

Also, you weigh more than 120? That seems like a lot.

Through a given year I’ll fluctuate between 117 and 125 kg. Last year I hit 129 kgs. I try to stay lighter but pack on weight in the winter when me and the kid take turns being sick.

Under 120 kg I have some ab visibility so I don’t get as fat as it sounds. I think I was 115 or so when we met in Stockholm and not in fantastic shape, so I’d claim at least five of the extras kilos are muscle.

Back on topic, whenever I take a few weeks off training due to illness my bench drops but my squat and deadlift feel nice and even a bit better because of resting. I’m guessing that’s because my bench is limited by power and my other lifts by technique, mainly.

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Looking good, Michael.

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I wish.


That’s insane, and I kinda think he will pull 501 kg next month.

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Due to current events, I’m thinking hard about a barbell based garage gym.
Anyone know if Recoil is a good brand?

I have bought a basic barbell based home gym. Should be delivered next week. Total weights 210 kgs.
I’m assuming I can squat in a room that is exactly same height as me if I squat lowbar.

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The poor postman.