IT Water Cooler

I wasn’t sure where to put this - Nerds was obviously an option - but that forum is not about biz, I know we have some tech workers here so I thought it might be interesting to talk shop and/or abuse each other.

I got into this career through an odd route, via applications support for a Finance department (supporting legacy crap, dirty SQL fixes that kind of thing). I did finally join an IT department but frankly found that I was basically a know-nothing and needed to fix this. I got into Linux when I bought a laptop and found it had Vista and this was my “in” for getting more technical, and it’s still where I feel most comfortable.

I’m currently an IT Manager for a medium sized Housing Association, this has been interesting to a point but I am not sure I want to continue in this vein, though I am finding working with teleconferencing systems and contact centres to be good wholesome content (at least in this context). I could go completely solo and do a mix of technician work and application consultancy but it doesn’t feel like a good time to build a client base.

I’m using the spare time in lockdown to start plowing through comptia certs, want to do the Network+, Security+ and Linux+ ones as if I wish to avoid management for ever this is probably a good way to get my foot in the door somewhere reputable.

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Tough crowd. Wrong subfrm?

That’s the general work thread. I think there’s a few other IT guys who post here but I’m not 100% sure about that.

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There is currently a ransomware attack going on in our health service. There was a cyber security expert on a podcast I listen to, and he said that a lot of the executable files used in these cases, and almost all of them out of Russia, have a check in them that won’t install if there is a Russian keyboard installed the particular computer. So they don’t accidentally hit the FSB, and get gulaged 20 minutes later.


I’ve heard of this weird little trick.

I was reading about this earlier. Unfortunately these attacks are usually highly targeted nowadays so that would barely slow them down; they would just chuckle, re-run the executable with a different flag and you would still be in the shit.

Also, they check for system default keyboard not just for “it’s installed” so it isn’t so easy.


Windows 11 looks p cool.

If the pattern still holds, this one should be shit.

If they offer another free upgrade I’ll take it. Give the old C drive a hosedown.

I’m all for it, but what happen to “Winders 10 will be the last winders”?