IT Water Cooler

I wasn’t sure where to put this - Nerds was obviously an option - but that forum is not about biz, I know we have some tech workers here so I thought it might be interesting to talk shop and/or abuse each other.

I got into this career through an odd route, via applications support for a Finance department (supporting legacy crap, dirty SQL fixes that kind of thing). I did finally join an IT department but frankly found that I was basically a know-nothing and needed to fix this. I got into Linux when I bought a laptop and found it had Vista and this was my “in” for getting more technical, and it’s still where I feel most comfortable.

I’m currently an IT Manager for a medium sized Housing Association, this has been interesting to a point but I am not sure I want to continue in this vein, though I am finding working with teleconferencing systems and contact centres to be good wholesome content (at least in this context). I could go completely solo and do a mix of technician work and application consultancy but it doesn’t feel like a good time to build a client base.

I’m using the spare time in lockdown to start plowing through comptia certs, want to do the Network+, Security+ and Linux+ ones as if I wish to avoid management for ever this is probably a good way to get my foot in the door somewhere reputable.

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Tough crowd. Wrong subfrm?

That’s the general work thread. I think there’s a few other IT guys who post here but I’m not 100% sure about that.

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There is currently a ransomware attack going on in our health service. There was a cyber security expert on a podcast I listen to, and he said that a lot of the executable files used in these cases, and almost all of them out of Russia, have a check in them that won’t install if there is a Russian keyboard installed the particular computer. So they don’t accidentally hit the FSB, and get gulaged 20 minutes later.


I’ve heard of this weird little trick.

I was reading about this earlier. Unfortunately these attacks are usually highly targeted nowadays so that would barely slow them down; they would just chuckle, re-run the executable with a different flag and you would still be in the shit.

Also, they check for system default keyboard not just for “it’s installed” so it isn’t so easy.


Windows 11 looks p cool.

If the pattern still holds, this one should be shit.

If they offer another free upgrade I’ll take it. Give the old C drive a hosedown.

I’m all for it, but what happen to “Winders 10 will be the last winders”?

That approach just isn’t exciting enough for Marketing, apparently.

@ASSoL I think the alternating thing is kind of over for now, Microsoft seem to have put their historical development quality problems behind them. Even Win 8 was a big leap forward technically, just they screwed up with the ridiculous tablet interface. It looks like this time they are focused on aesthetics, nothing wrong with that.

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I, uh, kind of like win8. I declined to upgrade because I had a shitload of pirated software I didn’t want to lose, so I’ve been using it this whole time. The tiled start menu doesn’t bother me at all.

It’s the important changes…


representation matters.

no, blue screens matter!

tho, vmware got ahead of the game with the PSOD :purple_square: :white_large_square: :purple_square: :rainbow: