Into The Infinity of Thoughts [WAYT]

Also, Darkness Guides Us fest 2020 is in jeopardy:

Venue has pulled out and organisers are scrambling to fix things. The other 20 bands on the bill who have zero connection to any sort of NSBM leanings are just eggs to be broken for the omelet of antifa satisfaction, I guess.

I agree that tarring all of the bands with the same brush is bad and it would be kind of a shame if the whole festival went up in flames. On the other hand, one has to question the motivations of the organisers booking at least two actual NSBM bands. Best outcome would be jettisoning the NSBM shit (I don’t lump Taake in with that, though) and continuing. Fuck Nazi sympathy and all that.

Taake were the biggest problem, stupidly enough. Equally stupidly, Naer Mataron were also booked but not a word was written about their bassist being (until the last elections) an actual Golden Dawn MP :horgh:

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Good times

Amorphis are going on tour playing Tales (great album). I’ve only seen them once a decade ago and can’t remember, but does Tomi K handle the growls when they play the Tales and pre-Tales stuff? If not, this could suck if it’s all clean sung.

I heard about that. I wonder if they will do the same thing here or if it’s specifically for the US tour. I generally dislike live music but I’d definitely see that.

I’ve never seen them live but they seem pretty, pretty good if teh YouTubez are anything to go by. Joutsen does death vocals as well. Quite a bit of their new stuff has them. The new album is fucking fantastic, by the way.

For a second I got confused and was convinced that Badger had moved The Church into the International subforum, alongside threads about the UK shitting its pants and Spurdo comics.

Great thread title though. Once again, Badger delivers.


Has Lev made an appearance on the new forum yet?

Michael sighted working for Hammerheart Records.


I have made Spotify playlists of the different genre threads.



How long have you been writing for Hard Times, Badger?


The frm has given me SO MANY great underground albums and this remains a particular favourite.


Watching this makes me deeply wish that Badger would grow out his hair and invest in a necromancer costume.

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:horgh2: If not now, when?

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I think it is reasonable to say that Gatecreeper is the best current OSDM band in the world. Everything about their sound is perfect and they’ve got the kind of aggressive, hungry energy of a band like Power Trip.