I have waited a long time for this, my little green friend

Star Wars is doing something that no government entity could do: destroying Disney from the inside out.

The new movie is supposed to be so bad that everyone responsible for the new franchise will likely be blacklisted from Hollywood for all time. Bob Iger will be on the streets this time next year, homeless, hooked on crack cocaine and shitting in plastic buckets outside of Marius’s condo.

There is such thing as the Force, and it destroys big entertainment monopolies apparently.

I liked the Force Awakens.

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I did too. I thought they were going to turn Finn into a somebody, but they nerfed him and decided to go the loveable goofball route.

I feel like there are enough talented directors and writers in the industry that are such huge fanboys of the franchise that it would’ve been impossible not to find a competent team to make something halfway decent. But they didn’t.

I like Ziggy.

No one I know, adult to children, has talked or even.mentioned the new star wars movie to me.

Last shot of the movie, spoiler alert

Also, this will save you $20.

Looking forward to the Plinkett review.

Saw it today. Thought it was ok; better than the last one but not as good as TFA.

I hate the JJ Abrams Quips. “They fly now” x 3 ugh.

This was the biggest nonsequel to the last Jedi they could’ve made. What a nonsensical trilogy this ended up being.

ghost Luke and kylo basically say lol just kidding to themes and revelations from the last film…Jedis are still needed, and you WERE related to one of the two families we know the names of in this universe.

Palpatine comes out of nowhere as the main guy and Mr. Rememberberry.

@Spyder if you gave disney money for this movie, you’re part of the problem

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I like how 400,000 creative man hours worth of expanded universe canon where Luke rebuilt the Jedi and brought balance to the force were erasured to make room for a couple of piss milkshakes JJ Abrams spent an afternoon hashing out where they all became miserable old coots and then got murdered by Han Solo’s emo bastard.

Well to be fair, they did pay homage to Dark Empire before making it non-canon.

I’m using amc red pass! I watch every movie now.

Is Matt’s spoiler right? They just wipe out the remaining OT characters in one fell swoop?

No. There’s three left.