I am the liquor - the "what are you drinking" thread

I love herbal shit like this. Tried this one last night; great with tonic.

Rossbacher is great too:

Recommendations appreciated, but not sicky-sweet like Chartreuse.

Hungarian Unicum by Zwack

Latvian Rigas Black Balzam


Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 3.21.12 PM

Becherovka and Unicum are the work of Satan. I don’t recommend getting hammered on them.

Equally as Evil

These three are a bit sweeter but I like them all.


Sicily, now made by the Campari Group

Again, major label (Pernod Ricard) but still good.

I have shot glasses permanently in the freezer for this kind of thing.

I’ll be right over.

:horgh: :scruffy:

I don’t know if this stuff is any good but I love it

Fucking Becherovka… Takes me back to when I was seeing this Czech girl whose parents were desperate for me to marry her… We were 20, and it wasn’t Alabama!

Currently I only have Fernet & Killepitsch. Plenty of wiskey though.

:scruffy: Supposedly the only liqueur Hitler would drink. And we all know how that turned out, don’t we?

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Not sure if this belongs here or in the carelord thread:

This is our local herbal liqueur:

It’s genuinely excellent. We also have a bizarre local ginger schnapps. 45% abv, fairly dry and so much ginger that it actually burns.

Killepitsch is good but too thick. Meyer’s Bitter is the choice of the truly hard-core after dinner herbal fiend:’s_Bitter

Unicum and Fernet are nice, but if you can’t handle bitter bitters then the Brabantian Schrobbelèr is pretty nice. Also, Gammeldansk is great.

Yeah, Fernet is fantastic, but I will drink basically anything.

Ramazotti and tonic is a nice combo.

I’m just a basic bitch now who drinks beer, wine, and whiskey. Does the trick though …

After dinner I will often go for a schnaps for medicinal purposes.

With the help of my new cocktail book I plan to get good at cocktail making.


Have you guys heard of a little drink called motherfucking Koskenkorva?

Valhalla is bretty good herbal liquor from Finland.

fernet BRANCA

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Edie Falco drinks it in The Soprano’s as well.