Humiliating GIF thread

Yeah, so I’m splitting this from the awesome goals plus embarrassing moments thread, because I’m hoping to compile a series of posts, each devoted to a single club of your loathing, containing animated gifs or embedded videos of that club embarrassing itself. Got it? Yep. Okay, so the first cab off the ranks is, naturellement, Manchester Untied…



More like the last one plz.

I was watching a movie on a shit-tier streaming service last night, and had to watch Jamie Redknapp’s proof of life endorsing of these shit-tier shoes at least a dozen times:

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:horgh: :haha:

Him and his ex-wife shot an ridiculously smug advert for a holiday company where if memory serves he appears playing golf shirtless at one point. It was roundly mocked and then revealed to be incredibly successful, because we’re a nation of insanityserfs.

I rather think Louise in a Bathing Costume may have had more to do with that.