Anybody else care about it on frm? I feel weird starting this thread since I barely paid any attention until lockdown last year.
Anyway, I’m feeeling pretty good about Colorado’s chances this year.

Also, Ryan Reaves is a goony pile of garbage:

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Avs are good but hockey’s weird and Reaves will probably injure at least one more player before the series is over

Ah yes a very cool and good time to start this thread, it rocks actually.

Anyway looks like Colorado is just gonna steamroll everything which is funny since apparently the Leafs leafsing proves analytics are fake

I mean, it’s not like it went much better when they tried to play shithead Don Cherry hockey, either.

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Yeah it’s almost like the story of the franchise the last decade is trying to spin the meter between skill and toughness to land on exactly the right balance, and picking up one dimensional players who are either “skilled” or “tough” to get to where they think they need to get to when, and hear me out because I know it’s a radical thought - the team might need players who are both skilled and tough


Round 2 picks?

Avs in 6
Jets in 5
Bruins in 7
Bolts in 7

Avs in 4
Canadiens in 7
Islanders in 6
Bolts in 6

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Avs in 5
Jets in 6
Isles in 6
Bolts in 6

Avalanche in 5
Bruins in 7
Jets in 6
Lightning in 6

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only League Where This Regularly Happens

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Such a bullshit hit.



This Islanders - Bruins series is the most physical I can remember watching. There’s a scrum after every whistle and even Taylor Hall had a fighting major.

Found this nugget in an old “worst draft busts ever!!!” article on bleacher report. Pretty funny that Yakupov was upstaged by all those guys.


:horgh: @Canadiens and the Canada Division.