Great Moments

Like great scenes but in miniature.


Spider-Man 3 being a cinematic masterpiece is a hill I will die on

Brilliant work by Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire to realize that even under the influence of Venom that Peter Parker is fundamentally so much of a dork that he doesn’t really turn “evil” he just becomes kind of a dick

Pacino’s face at 1:01. Tremendous.


This whole short scene cracks me up, and the ridiculous punchline is hilarious, but Dreyfuss’ bright red face and the vein popping out of his forehead as he shouts COCK A DOODLE DOO at 0:38 is magnificent

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So the dialogue is funny, especially if you’re a teenager, but what gets me every time is the back and forth camera work. One of them speaks every time the camera moves to them until the second last move, to Dante, where he’s shocked that Randall betrayed him.
That last
“I never tried it” -
cut to Dante, the look on his face
then cut back to Randall, who’s not even looking at him.
It makes me laugh every time.

I guess that speaks more to how effective that comedic interruption / beats technique is. You grow to expect something and then when they remove it, it’s funny.

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