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Pretty tempted to get Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries and a HOTAS setup.

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If I don’t get Outer Worlds, Fallen Order or Sekiro for christmas I’m buying two of them pretty immediately. I’m thinking I’ll start with Fallen Order because I’ll wildly guess it’s the shorter game.

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I can vouch for Sekiro. I hated all the old From Software games because I don’t enjoy backtracking 10 minutes just to get facefucked by some obnoxious boss. But in Sekiro the save points are reasonably located next to the bosses so the learning loop is less annoying. There’s also no fidgeting around with character/gear builds. I ain’t got time for that shit, I’m not 21 anymore.

I need to pick up Sekiro again… It never really grabbed me. I found the lack of character builds/weapons to be pretty boring- no variety. DS1 and Bloodborne are the best From Software games.

Outer Worlds is not very long. Maybe 30-40 hours and that’s doing the side missions and companion stuff.

I finally picked up Dark Souls 3 with both DLCs. This strikes me as much harder than DS2, particularly the boss fights. I am trying to do as much of this play through without reading stuff about the lore and sure enough I have no idea what’s going on for the most part. I think I’ve fucked up every NPC storyline thus far. Made it through Ashes of Ariandel to Sister Friede and haven’t beaten her yet. A fantastic boss fight, though. I like how for the most part you can judge how tough a boss is likely to be by the difficulty in getting from the nearest bonfire back to the fog gate, and they just plonked the one near Sister Friede right next to her gate because you are definitely going to be killed a lot…

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Year end list time.


it doesn’t feel like christmas.
it just feels like depression.
— Remilia :heart: (@DevilRemilia) December 25, 2019
Can’t wait to disappear. Until then I’m stuck being me and I don’t quite like it very much.
— Remilia :heart: (@DevilRemilia) December 25, 2019
I hate seeing people live out my dreams more successful and beautiful than I’ll ever be. Life feels kind of unfair.
— Remilia :heart: (@DevilRemilia) December 25, 2019


Describing someone who killed themselves with pills as “dying peacefully in her sleep” seems problematic in many ways.

I’m a fan of the armored core series

I’m a fan of the armored core series

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I love this game, mostly.

Is this VideoGameDunkey guy well liked around here? Just watched a few of his videos and was pleasantly surprised. Seems likable and bright. Please don’t tell me he dabbles in race science or follows Jordan Peterson on Twitter

Dunkey’s great. No sordid past as far as I know.

Why is this ultra realism ARMA shit back in style

Decided to fire up the ol’ Switch. Bought Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair - fun!! Anyone else play this!??