Fur Moms Are Out Of Control

yeah, can we keep the weirdly racialized memes to a minimum please?

It’s discourse.

I made it very clear over the past two days that white women are the problem here.

I know. I’m just worried that the nuance will be lost on the NSA web crawlers and sentiment analysis tools.

“years of genetics” is going into my commonplace book.

You’re criticizing the wrong comment!

it’s not a criticism! I’m a connoisseur of turns of phrase…bitch!

Every comment ever made in a Facebook argument deserves an eternal stream of derision. Except yours, Chezza.

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That was my comment!

I’m the autocorrect to Brad Pitt bulls. Or William Pitt.

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I submit that this threat should be merged with the Christian thread :seriouscat:

Thread merging is very dangerous. Might introduce a continuity glitch into the frm matrix

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Look, we all know where this thread is headed.

You rang?

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If eugiele wants this thread moved he’ll move 'er.