Can’t wait for the Brits to have to send our guys to Fr… oh, fuck.

Truly insane. This is the sort of thing that makes you believe we’re dead as a country. That we can’t undertake change and will resort to such absurdities.

Stick a fork in us. We’re done.



This is America in 2020:

It’s time to start executing the rich.

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Problematic given that you’re a country founded by rich guys who wanted to pay less tax/keep the king of England out of your face.

This is mind-blowing

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Patrick, I fucking hate your habit of posting the tweets of (frequently ex) forumite tweets. I hate it and it sucks.

I realize that this tweet itself is benign. But still. Fuck off.


Jim, first and foremost all these famewhore glory seekers who abandoned the forum owe us first look at their content.

Second, I’m not screen shotting private accounts. These are public e-blasts fishing for likes and retweets.

The Facebook wall protocol that someone will inevitable bring up is for a platform with expectations of privacy.

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So were you posting that tweet because of the content or because he’s being a famewhore?


I post all twitter links hoping Alan will see them and engage in a campaign of harassment against the former posters, igniting a flame of nostalgia that will draw them back to the forum.

I knew it!

Has Alan tried to register here yet?

Don’t give him any ideas. In fact, let’s all agree to stop talking about Alan immediately.