Won another fight last night at the super swanky, black tie only University Club Chicago. TKO in the second, I’m 3-2.


Conga rats!

Poor Phil Jones. Still, nice one Barry!


My mom is a member there, she’s not bougie. It’s aight.

Congrats! A winning record!

Lost a fight last night : (

Guy was from Garfield Park’s gym, which is a tough club in a very tough neighborhood. Plus I was probably 13 years older than him.

Commiserations. Did you leave it all in there, at least?

Yeah. He was the better fighter.

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How heavy was your ring-walk costume commemorating Italian History month?

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It looks fatty rather than heavy:


Well, tonight I competed in the Chicago Golden Gloves just like boxing legends Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston, and Joe Louis. And I lost my fight, TKO in the third. Now I’m 3-4, two losses in a row. I’m going to take a break from doing fights through to the fall and then move into the old people division. It was cool to fight against kids in their 20s and shock them when I was actually in shape and competitive, but after the last two fights they are simply too fast for my old ass to keep up with.

The TKO that I opened this thread with was without question one of the best moments of my life.


Yup, winning and losing fights is some heightened stuff. Way more than competing in other sports. Winning is better but losing is worse. You should only fight when you feel good about it, you’ve got nothing to prove to anyone.

I outright quit after I got my record to 3-2 and just moved on to grappling people. Muay thai doesn’t have an old people division, and with kids and stuff I probably wouldn’t have been in shape even for that. I guess I also started earlier than you, so by 32 I was feeling the wear and tear.

Do you get worn down from boxing injuries? I guess your hands, brain and face, but from muay thai you also get a lot of foot trouble, leg trouble and arm trouble, all from throwing and taking kicks. Towards the end I had trouble with my right shoulder from impingement, both feet were fucked from recurring small bone breaks and constant toe and ankle sprains, my right elbow was gimpy from overextensions, my knees were worn down from daily running and my right hip was troubling me. I’m still partially blind in my left eye from eating a spinning heel kick from 300 lb roid monster. I still can’t hit super hard with my right hand without thick gloves because I cracked a knuckle.

Grappling I mostly sprain my fingers and stuff like that.

Just bruises on my face and bloody noses, thankfully.

Never broken your nose?

Probably, it’s been really sore before and has definitely gotten flatter.

That’s what Sax said, etc.

:deflated: Rod Blagojevich has a better amateur record than I do

You should beat his fucking ass.

At least mess up his hair. It’s ridiculous!

Also, another Sax mention by Bones. -1