Favourite movie from your country

Exactly what the title says. My favourite by far would be The Silent Partner (1979). It was filmed in Toronto a few years before I was born and I remember alot of things that I remember from when I was very young and there’s something exciting about seeing a crime movie in which the setting feels familiar.

The Kidnapping of the President (1980) starring William Shatner has a similar quality for me. 70s Toronto really is the best Toronto It sold out in the 2000s and got gentrified. It’s not a great movie, but I worked in the shopping mall where the crimes at the centre of both these movies take place.

The Castle

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Probably Ten Canoes.

Does Life of Brian count as British?

in my country there is no movie :C

Actually yeah I’m calling it a tie between The Castle and Chopper. Depending on mood…

Your favourite film, and country, is Baz Luhrmann’s Australia, don’t deny it.


Mannen på taket / The Man on The Roof. Me and Badger have already gone on about this many times.

Mods-trilogin / The Mods trilogy is also pretty great. It’s documentaries filmed a bunch of years apart mainly following Kenta and Stoffe. In the first movie “Dom kallas oss mods” they´re teenage rebels living in Stockholm, smoking weed, getting drunk, picking up chicks and generally being lazy local variety hippies.

In the second movie “Ett anständigt liv” Kenta is struggling with alcoholism while Stoffe tries to balance his crippling heroin addiction with being a (no good) father. When I went to university I’d pretty regularly take dumps in a bathroom Stoffe uses to shoot in the movie.

The third one “det sociala arvet” is about Kenta getting older as an addict and whether the children of addicts are inherently doomed. Stoffe is dead at this point. The third movie also looks a lot at how the films changed the lives of the people in them, and director blames himself for the mess everyones in.

The New Land, about Swedish emigrants settling in 19th century US, mostly because of an extended sequence in which a pair of naive youths go off searching for gold in California that is one of the bleakest depictions of frontier life on film.

I would have to go with Stroszek as I have re-watched it more than any other German film and still enjoy it immensely every time.

Has to be either Day of Wrath or Ordet. Nothing else comes close.
Häxan is awesome, of course, but it’s produced by a swedish production company so I don’t think it counts.

There are other movies I like (Manden Der Tænkte Ting, Spiste Horisoner and a couple others), but they’re mostly good in the context of other danish movies and not that hot when put up against actual great movies from around the world.

Shatranj Ke Khilari (The Chess Players).

“Circa British rule in India, two slightly eccentric noblemen in India, indulge in chess, day and night, without any regard to the change in the situation, personal life, and the eminent threat of the British taking over their region, becoming a harsh reality.”


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I’d offer a Russian movie but you guys wouldn’t be able to really appreciate it.

Not true, I thought Worker & Parasite was a classic.


Has to be “Army of shadows”, by Jean-Pierre Melville, about a group of resistance “fighters” in France during WWII. It’s very bleak and slow but I can’t think of a better movie made in France ever since.


Sax’s favourite movie from my country is Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.


Good to have you back, Matthieu!

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Like Cafe Paradis for Ib Schønberg’s descent into alcoholism. But other parts of it are a bit cringe-worthy.