Fargo Season 4

Does it stream on US prime or netflix?


:deflated: why cant i give a chunk of my income to just one vampiric billionaire and get access to everything at once.



This is not how vampiric billionaires are made, sadly.


This guy doesn’t get it.

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Oh no, not jaded and confused!


This is good. The woman playing the angel of mercy is excellent. So are Rock and Swartzman.

I don’t have FX anymore :grumpy:

No Hulu?

Only Netflix

It’s worth getting Hulu for a month or three. Hell, it might even be on the free, as supported plan.


barri can have a month of hulu, as a treat.


Barry, you’re missing some really top-notch, overwritten, hot Italian on Italian action here.

Rock, Swartzman, and Olyphant are all great and some of the dialogue and individual scenes are wonderful, but this is kinda bad overall. Fun to watch, but also kinda cringe when you step back from it. Probably the weakest season yet as far as overall plot consistency but back to the heights of one and two as far as watching good actors deliver great lines in funny situations. The interracial mortician family is the weakest part of this ensemble as far as acting and characterization and plotting goes and they’re apparently hanging this whole season off of them because it’s socially relevant or something.

hulu came with verizon fios, but its the ad version so I cant be assed to watch this show untill a full season torrent comes out.

Look what you fucking brits did to poor Spyder.

He’s not arsed. There’s still hope!

It’s even worse! If he said he couldn’t be arsed, he would at least be using a real British expression correctly, but his sad little brain has him using an American equivalent that doesn’t actually exist. We have to put him down now.