Fargo Season 4

Let’s talk about Fargo season 3, here. While we watch it episode by episode.

Season 4,even?


Welcome to the Alternate Economy (19 Apr. 2020)

TV Episode | TV-MA | 53 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller


The head of an African American crime syndicate goes to war with the Italian mafia in Kansas City, Missouri during the 1950s

Cast (22)


Timothy Olyphant

Dick ‘Deafy’ Wickware
](Timothy Olyphant - IMDb)


Jessie Buckley

Oraetta Mayflower
](Jessie Buckley - IMDb)


Ben Whishaw

Rabbi Milligan
](Ben Whishaw - IMDb)


Jack Huston

Odis Weff
](Jack Huston - IMDb)


Chris Rock

Loy Cannon


Jason Schwartzman

Josto Fadda
](Jason Schwartzman - IMDb)


Amber Midthunder

Swanee Capps
](Amber Midthunder - IMDb)


Uzo Aduba

Zelmare Roulette
](Uzo Aduba - IMDb)


Glynn Turman

Doctor Senator
](Glynn Turman - IMDb)


Salvatore Esposito

Gaetano Fadda
](Salvatore Esposito - IMDb)


Emyri Crutchfield

Ethelrida Pearl Smutney
](Emyri Crutchfield - IMDb)


Jeremie Harris

Leon Bittle


Andrew Bird

Thurman Smutney
](Andrew Bird - IMDb)


Nadia Simms

](Nadia Simms - IMDb)


James Vincent Meredith

Opal Rackley
](James Vincent Meredith - IMDb)


Francesco Acquaroli

Ebal Violante
](Francesco Acquaroli - IMDb)


Corey Hendrix

Omie Sparkman


Nick Di Brizzi Jr.

Paolo Endrizzi
](Nick Di Brizzi Jr. - IMDb)


Gaetano Bruno

Constant Calamita
](Gaetano Bruno - IMDb)


Tommaso Ragno

Donatello Fadda
](Tommaso Ragno - IMDb)


Anji White

Dibrell Smutney


Matthew Elam


Let’s do this.

Spyder can’t count and Exy is making Bort-esque copy/paste posts. This thread is fucked already. Shut it down.


I couldn’t work out at which point of the cast list to stop getting excited!

Also, any thread that doesn’t mention you-know-what should be promoted.


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Is Spyder making a joke about how meh and forgettable season three was? Because it was. I have to concentrate to remember much about it other than MEWs ass.



I like that graph but also agree with Billdo.

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If it’s any consolation, Billdo, I can’t remember a thing about the last season either.


Aliens did it, right?

That’s your answer for everything.

What the fuck are you clowns on about? David Thewlis’ character was the best in the whole goddamn show.


Season 2 is worlds beyond the other two seasons. One of my favorite seasons of TV ever ever


The Fargo Show is back



Anybody watch it yet? Thoughts? I’ll probably get around to giving it a gander this evening.