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Final Standings

I’ll kick off the new season as soon as it opens, and post the codes here. Should only be about a month of a summer break.

New season is live!

FRM Classic League code: 42s9g7

If you were in it last year, you’ll be in it this year if you sign in with the same account.

FRM Head-2-Head: qrxtxl

You have to actively join this one. Do it, you dry shite.

I was leading the H2H by a decent margin before they locked it down so I am basically the reigning H2H champion who wants to fuck me?

The final H2H table is posted above. You won it outright, no?

:inneresting: :jimmy:

I think they stopped counting the points at some juncture. I had 2174 overall but the H2H table says otherwise.

So, Hobes was my nemesis all season. Good game everyone.

I fell from 1st to 3rd in my work league courtesy of some savvy colleagues hopping aboard the Fernandes train straight after the resumption, but this is still a sweet victory. Hobes I was too late to join the H2H league last time, but I’ll be there this year :bolo:

Yeah it was back and forth there at the end. My not dumping Mount sooner could’ve been the difference.

I’ve signed up to H2H with my possibly horrible squad, wildcard on standby; let’s do this.

Everyone should be more like Clancy. H2H is good clean fun.

Can I just put KDB, Salah, Mane and Sterling in my midfield and populate the rest of my team with Leeds and West Brom goons? Because that’s what I’ve done.

Start the season with a partial week? Nice one, Premier League.

4 people signed up for the H2H, you lazy lazy cunts.

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The moment no one was waiting for.

Main League

H2H Super League

H2H Playoff

Milbarge is even worse than Arsenal? Fuck me.

Well, I mostly fucked that one up, going to need to keep my eye on the ball next season. Everyone should join H2H next time, it gives you something to compete for even if you are lagging in the league, bit like the actual FA Cup.

Especially when H2H has 4 teams, and the top 4 qualify for playoffs. Great system!

(thread appeared on my list for some reason. Anyway, the new season is active, with even more players reclassified as mids, and no forwards!)