The topic that never ends. I recently got absolutely lost in this series that explore cut content. New Vegas really is … I mean imagine if they’d have had the time to really finish it. Games would be over.

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You played The Outer Worlds?

I have not, I don’t think my aging computer would manage it. In my next life though, I am getting a monster rig.

It was a day one buy for me. It’s good, though a bit short and pretty tame compared to New Vegas. Still a better game than most of what came out last year.

The Outer Worlds just wasn’t impressive to me. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t good.

If they’d had some sort of customization mechanic for the ship, I’d probably have played the shit out of it, though.

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I just revisited my Fallout 4 game after years of absence and I was both amazed and horrified at what I had done with those settlements.

Go back to Fallout 1 my man.

Original Wasteland or death, fake gamer badge.


Wasteland does not have as good music as FO1 though. The fact that they reused those tracks again and again tells you something.


I don’t really get the video game reference but I think the premise of you getting interrupted by someone while peeing at a stall and them wanting something from you is funny.

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Was that what it felt like when Dave asked about us being able to upload vids?

i’d still love to upload videos, within the previously established filesize limits currently applied to images

if Dave is allowed to upload videos I’ll be financially ruined.


it’ll be the same as people uploading pitchers! smaller than a lot of these gifs i see out here you know. no biggie