FA and League Cups

I don’t like that it gets buried in the miscellaneous thread. :realtome:

So… how easy is it going to be for Man Utd to sell De Gea, exactly? Internet says that he’s on £200K a week until 2023.

It’s the awful facial hair. It ruins careers. It’s the reason Bale is frozen out too.

I think Bale’s still probably good enough to play for Man Utd, but loses a rep point because of his bald patch/man bun combover.

Harry Maguire helping Man Utd fans forget their mop-headed folk hero.

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Christ knows what they’re going to do to Jadon Sancho.

Are you implying they destroyed a world class talent in Harry Maguire?

I mean, I’m not saying he won’t go down as one of the great post-World Cup panic buys of our time, but I remember him being fairly solid at Leicester.

The crushing inevitability of a Chelsea win.

What’s with the goofy Gothic font Arsenal’s using for the names?

Arsenal Gothic. They re-re branded the logo with the font they used between 1925-2001.


Follow up question - who’s the apparent pervert in your avatar?

I dunno.


Google search says it’s Lord Fraser, angry at being woken up by Extinction Rebellion.

There’s a lot going on in that picture - His Lordship shaking his fist, His Loddship’s monogrammed slippers, the clown nose guy, the despondent guy in the middle. A truly rich tapestry.


Thursday Night Football assured and another trophy in the cabinet.

Join us. :seenthings:

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Better season than Man City, and you didn’t even have to cheat, congrats.

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:incredulousjones: Please don’t play fast and loose with the :niels: