Eurovision 2020: A Dutch Oven

Iceland have just done this.

Can’t tell if hipsters or people who really hate hipsters.

It’s like that scene in that movie about that guy who does that thing.

Ikiru. Good film.

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I am beyong gutted that Portugal didn’t choose Blasted Mechanism in their national competition. They’d have pissed it.

It has been announced that Little Big shall represent Russia. The song has not been published yet.

@milbarge and his Icelandic friends

It’s a great song. Apparently written about his newborn, which took me a while to figure out from “You have yet to learn how to speak” and “three birds of a feather” bits.

That makes it one of the few times “Baby” in a song means baby. That and “Hey pretty baby with the high heels on” are the only examples I can think of.

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It’s cancelled.


It’s back.

Italy and France are the favourites.

This was their one chance to cancel it forever and they blew it.


Watching a recap of the semis. Looks like Ireland have done another Father Ted by sending the worst song they could find.

Really I just wanted an excuse to post this.


What about Gyrovision and it’s everyone trying to stick their national cuisine in a pita?


Sweden to enter with peanuts, banana, shrimp and curry sauce.

Traditionally served on yourself and to a dog

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I think that reference has missed me.