[Electronic] Supersonic

this absolutely slaps, holy shit

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I like it.

Used to love Easygroove as a young chap. He always used to spin this.

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I mean, if we’re going to use this thread to advance the position that 90s hardcore was the best of times, I’m in. My local scene was absolutely not fucking around. 25 years on and I still love this shit.

Syndicate were the undisputed kings of breakcore.

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Was listening to some Bloody Fist stuff the other day. Rockin’

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Before we get too ensconsed and Gabber Piet makes an untimely appearance,

I fucking love this remix. Slinky, Funky, Ass Shakingly Sexy.

I’ll always be annoyed Wonder Schneider only sung on a very limited number of tracks. Best dance vocalist bar none.

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@Dave and that’s your cue




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Pfft. Squarepusher is just Aphex Twin for people who like music.


I think John Peel invented Squarepusher when he played a Joyrex Ep on the wrong speed.
Richard James has been cashing in ever since.

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Polygon window > squarepusher

I already had the obscure Aphex gag covered.

yeah i didn’t know that ep, shoulda guessed based on the name tho

I think that era was the last time I listened to Aphex Twin. I used to have the Digeri-doo 12" but god knows what happened to that.

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I love that track. I liked a lot of tracks on Druqs but there was also a lot of filler.

I love this remix of On. Mike Paradenas sent James a rough demo on a chewed up C90 to
see if he liked the general idea. James didn’t reply and next thing Paradenas knew, the 12"
was out complete with chewed up tape sounds at the start.

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Cross-post from the Positive Vibes thread.

Production is fackin’ great. No distortion or pumping, which is a rarity for this sort of thing. This is how reverb should sound.