I’ve just finished Cold Case Hammarskjöld, which took a while to get going but comes alive during its last 30 minutes when someone divulges all the things the UK and South Africa did to (allegedly) carry out a genocide.

Both countries are refusing to co-operate with a UN investigation into the death of its secretary general in 1961 that provides the doc’s starting point. Two of the makers co-authored an article for the Graun about a year ago here:

Hale County This Morning This Evening: Over an hour of nice shots. Nice shot after real nice shot, the type of thing a proper frmite can really drink up. There is almost no narrative to speak of, instead we get vignettes of life in (spoiler alert) Hale County. Tires are burned, children are baptized, a toddler burns off excess energy running back and forth in a tiny apartment.

Struggles tied to black poverty are presented without commentary, infant mortality, an ever present police force, lack of opportunity and good education, unrealistic dreams about a professional sports career. This is probably the best documentary I’ve seen in over a year. It rules hard ass, and its fucking gorgeous.

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I posted about that on the last forum! Was good! :martin: :bennett: :jimmy:

It WAS good, and you are a good person for recognizing that.

I might watch Maiden tonight, because who among us has seen enough documentaries about beleaguered British female boating crews?

Midnight Family - Turns out healthcare in Mexico is halfway between the US system and the plot of Nightcrawler. This follows a family of paramedics who run one of Mexico City’s many private ambulances as a family business, racing other private ambos to crash sites, taking tips from and paying off corrupt cops along the way. They can barely afford to feed themselves and it’s all pretty depressing, but there are enough moments of humanity to avoid it becoming misery porn.

Vote Biden, Trump or Johnson, I guess.

Old but not seen it before.



tread - about the 2004 killdozer guy. first half is about his conflicts with people in his town, second is largely a reconstruction of his dozer attack. not bad, see it if ur interested in the dozer guy


Boiled Angels: The Trial of Mike Diana. Been waiting a while to see this. About the comic book artist who was convicted of obscenity. Directed by the guy who made Basket Case! Narrated by Jello Biafra but just barely so don’t let that discourage you. Features interviews with a lot of underground comic artists and a frail George Romero. Has a lot of background info every comic fan already knows, but the guy is a character and it also has a lot of great footage of the horror movies he made in his childhood and hilarious readings of his ridiculously vulgar comics. In-depth coverage of the trial and interviews with those involved, including the prosecution and people who protested against him. If you’re interested in the history of censorship in America, it’s a real nice watch.

I watched the Rocco documentary on Netflix. What a savage people.

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I’m reading reports that he [sax] was erect the whole time.

Sax is impotent from diabetes.

This was good

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This is on the UK next week:

Looks like In America you got it in February, though. Anyone seen it?

yeah, it’s a good time. maybe a little over-long but there’s lots to twists and turns even if you’ve already read the articles it’s based on.


Anyone watched this yet?