Cultural Revolution

Trump was right.


I expect fawning NYT and smug Vox articles in support of this all will follow.

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Since 1619 was graffitd on Washington, I think it’s relevant to read the world socialist coverage of the nytimes 1619 project:

Hannah-Jones does not view Lincoln as “the Great Emancipator,” as the freed slaves called him in the 1860s, but as a garden-variety racist who held “black people [as] the obstacle to national unity.” The author simply disregards Lincoln’s own words—for example, the Gettysburg Address and the magisterial Second Inaugural Address—as well as the books written by historians such as Eric Foner, James McPherson, Allen Guelzo, David Donald, Ronald C. White, Stephen Oates, Richard Carwardine and many others that demonstrate Lincoln’s emergence as a revolutionary leader fully committed to the destruction of slavery.

But an honest portrayal of Lincoln would contradict Hannah-Jones’ claims that “black Americans fought back alone” to “make America a democracy.” So too would a single solitary mention, anywhere in the magazine, of the 2.2 million Union soldiers who fought and the 365,000 who died to end slavery.

Likewise, the interracial character of the abolitionist movement is blotted out. The names William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Elijah Lovejoy, John Brown, Thaddeus Stevens, and Harriet Beecher Stowe, among others, do not appear in her essay. A couple of abolitionists are selectively quoted for their criticism of the Constitution, but Hannah-Jones dares not mention that for the antislavery movement Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence was, in the words of the late historian David Brion Davis, their “touchstone, the sacred scripture.”

Hannah-Jones and the other 1619 Project contributors—claiming that slavery was the unique “original sin” of the United States, and discrediting the American Revolution and the Civil War as elaborate conspiracies to perpetuate white racism—have little to add for the rest of American history. Nothing ever changed. Slavery was simply replaced by Jim Crow segregation, and this in turn has given way to the permanent condition of racism that is the inescapable fate of being a “white American.” It all goes back to 1619 and “the root of the endemic racism that we still cannot purge from this nation to this day.” [5] [emphasis added]

This is not simply a “reframing” of history. It is an attack and falsification that ignores more than a half-century of scholarship. There is not the slightest indication that Hannah-Jones (or any of her co-essayists) have even heard of, let alone read, the work on slavery carried out by Williams, Davis, or Peter Kolchin; on the American Revolution by Bernard Bailyn and Gordon Wood; on the political conceptions that motivated union soldiers by James McPherson; on Reconstruction by Eric Foner; on Jim Crow segregation by C. Vann Woodward; or on the Great Migration by James N. Gregory or Joe William Trotter.

They interviews a few pro interviews historians who had nothing but contempt for it.

Both are important to understand whatever intellectual argument there is behind statue destruction. They have a very narrow and wrong view of history, and clearly it’s not just about bad guy confederates and Columbus.


Tbh statues suck.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting rid of Junipero Serra statues. He really sucked.

I don’t accept any attempts by non state authorities to remove statues. If a city decides to remove columbus or lee or lincoln that at least has a thin veneer of civilization.

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Some what now?

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What did those statues ever do for you, Spyder?

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Fuck you pujo, I’m triggered

Some what now?




Venis, Vidis, Vicis

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Please refocus.

Get a hold of your self’s

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Spyder, if it makes any difference, California has a long wonderful history of tearing down and vandalizing Junipero Serra monuments. It predates this latest craze by more than a decade. Anyone who attended public school learned how awful he was. It’s amazing you can still find his name in the streets anywhere these days.

What do you think of the latest craze?

Hey, what goes around comes around. A country built on blood and guts of slave labor and genocide shouldn’t expect any sense of permanence.

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So the title of the thread isn’t an exaggeration.

Who gives a shit.