Create a drink with this special ingredient

So on my mini-honeymoon I found a special Gin in Zagreb Croatia.

It’s perfect, a Gin called Sax that is pink (because sax is gay.) And tastes of forest strawberries (also gay)

So now, you can create a drink with this ingredient and name it.

I will then mix your drink and rate it on my individual scale of likability. The winner gets a pocket knife (duh) or if you already have one I’ll think of something.

Caveat. The ingredients and size should be realistic. I won’t mix a drink in a gallon bucket with pepperoni pizza grease (because Sax is fat [and gay])

You can submit your drink until the 31. of August.

Let’s go



Is Sax dry? Are the strawberries subtle like one flavor note amongst traditional juniper and botanicals or is this shit cloyingly sweet and artificial?

The Hot Dry Sax

2 oz Sax gin
1 oz dry vermouth
Barspoon of absinthe

Put the gin and vermouth in a mixing tin and stir with ice. Strain into a cocktail coupe. Float the barspoon of absinthe on top and ignite.


That drink may actually not be terrible but the absinthe will likely ruin it.

Ok it’s definitely sweet and artificial. But the juniper does shine through.

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Sax is authentic and a little abrasive. Whoever made this drink doesn’t know him at all!

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Gin and tonic with Woodford Reserve spiced cherry bitters.

Petunia: Strawberry martini. Sweet vermouth and strawberry garnish.

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The Fizzy Prolapse:

Macerate two strawberries with a dash of bitters and a generous squirt of lime juice in the bottom of a highball. Top with ice. Pour in two ounces of Sax. Top up with ginger beer. Stir well and garnish with a lime wedge.


Ray, whatever happened with this?

I am in the process of getting ingredients.

So Vermouth, is that stuff shelf stable? I have an open bottle presumably from the 60ies. It’s definitively not dry from the smell of it so can I substitute sweet vermouth in your drink Gorilla? If yes I can stir one up maybe tomorrow.

How much vermouth and how much gin for your Petunia?

Okay, vermouth is probably one of the least shelf stable drinks out there. Always store it in the fridge and drink it ideally within like a month.

Secondly if you use sweet vermouth I suspect the drink will just be too sweet.

Welp, guess I’ll have to find a new bottle.

Fuck now I am drunk, well I guess its my fault for doing Gorillo and Jimmie s drink together and drinking them before dinner.

To keep it short Jimmy won, Pictures will follow as aoosoon I can do this,.


So by ingesting to much Sax, his essence of failure must have taken control of me and to the dismay of my wife I got Sax dick.

Gorillas Hot Dry Sax. You cant’t see the burning of the Absinth in the picture. The drink had maybe to much alcohol and the Absinth didn’t mix that well.

Jimmies Fizzy Prolapse was the clear winner. The Ginger beer gave it a fresh slight sharpness and the bitters mixed well to give the drink depth. Also it looked nicer with the decor.

So Jimmy send me a pm with your address to receive a not so secret present.



Great work following through with this, Ray. There are incidentally many good drinks you can make with the vermouth.