Chesters Flea Mart

I am selling this vintage original Slipknot shirt. $150 obo. It’s 1999, has a tiny hole and I ripped the tag off. I’ll ship it to you when I’m out of the asylum.

When the 'knot makes the rock and roll HOF this thing will skyrocket in value .


Don’t you ever judge me!!

Fuck it all fuck this world fuck everything that you stand for…oh shit my internet time is up. Good night and good luck.


I offered you $5.55, but you wanted $6.66


I have bought lots of useful stuff on flea markets but never saw a slipknot t-shirt.

You want a Slipknot shirt? I’ve got Slipknot shirts up the wazoo.

With added fleas.

Guys, I need a bicycle. Like, public trans isn’t quite doing the trick. I’m tryin to get to meetings, give plasma, doctor appts, therapy, even jail. My parents are just too old now to handle this stuff. Anyone out there got a mountain bike for a tall feller they wanna look at selling? Preferably something a little lighter so I can carry it into these places if need be. After a few plasmas I can probably afford $80-100. In about 7 weeks from now. I will also throw in the Slipknot shirt and/or a David Robinson.
Gareth, if you find something in the trash I can pony up $30 or so for shipping. I’ll ask Sax for the rest.
Anybody got a bike out there??

I have an unused bike if you want it and can figure out shipping. My dad’s buddy didn’t want it any more, and my dad gave it to me.

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And I really do mean “figure out” shipping. Like, I’ll send it wherever, but I really don’t want to disassemble it and put it into a box or crate or something. That’s a lot of work. But if someone tells me a place to go or business that will do that as a service, I’ll bring it there and have it shipped.

local craigslist or facebook marketplace (for those who have an account) might provide you with something cheaper than shipping a bike, idk

Ok so about $55 with Bikeflight. Complete bike not disassembled. I would do the legwork for you. I can also send you about $50 in the next two weeks. I’ll get some more info. You don’t have to take it apart but I’m not sure if they’d come pick it up.

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I’ll drive it wherever as long as its within 25 miles or so, my 2010 Pontiac Vibe can easily fit a bike in the back if I put the rear seats down. Someone else just has to do the packaging. I’m on the NW side of Chicago and can PM you my address if you need that.

i think bikeflight wants you to break the bike down

It looks like some bike shops will do it for you. I found a shop by me that is supposed to do it. Chester, pm me where you want it sent.


I dropped the bike off to be shipped via a shop called and a service called, it should arrive by Friday of next week, so try to be home around then. You’ll need to sign for it.


Barry, you are amazing. Absolutely amazing. So many of you are. I can’t wait to ride this mofo!!!
Thanks so much my friend!

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Can’t believe Barry isn’t willing to cycle the bike to Chester and save on shipping.


it would only take 3 months