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How are you guys doing? Friend lost a grandma in a nursing home to corona and sis is gonna get furloughed tomorrow. Gf is still employed.

Everyone I know seems to be following quaratine. Still healthy.

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Everyone is going to lose someone before this is over. A guy I used to hang out with has this and is on a vent.

Haven’t lost anyone. Kattes dad is a doctor, had a cold and got tested and was positive. He’s fine and doesn’t have to worry personally. Kattes stepmom and the siblings who live down i Skåne probably all had it as well. The two youngest actually had it roughest, like a really cough heavy flu. Nice for them to have antibodies now though. I guess they can visit us if they like.

Katte has gotten a reduced schedule where she no longer works fridays but still gets only a 4% decrease in pay thanks to the government making up the difference with their program for temporary layoffs and reduced schedule during the pandemic. It’s a great deal.

We’ve had a bunch of flu and colds in the household since early february, so may very well have had it. But who knews. Fjnarr ran a fever for two weeks and lost a bunch of weight.

My grandfather will absolutely die if it reaches his nursing home, but he’s 90 and has serious dementia, so it won’t be a tragedy when he dies. Kattes paternal grandmother is 85, flaunting lockdown and has smokers lung. She’s almost certainly toast, but only has herself to blame, so no tragedy there either.

The person most at risk that would be any kind of tragedy is probably me. The clonazepam comes with an increased risk of pneumonia and I probably have some degree of scarring in my lungs from the pneumonia that gave me a pneumothorax back in the day.

I have West Nile Virus.


I’m fine but both my wife and I are struggling to focus with WFH. But my work situation is stable and Germany is doing better than most at handling the crisis. We have a tonne of food stocked up and making the best of things.

We both have concerns about our parents back in Australia. My mum retired as of 2 weeks ago, which is a relief as she worked in a supermarket. She also just moved into her own home for the first time in like 40 years, so she’s got a clean new flat away from the shitty neighbourhood where I grew up. So that’s great! My wife’s sister lives with her parents and continues to endanger them by going to work and seeing friends. She’s stopped responding to my wife’s messages entirely and has stated down threats of being thrown out by her parents for continuing to endanger them. She’s the fucking worst and basically could get her parents killed. So that’s our major worry right now.

post sister-in-law’s butthole nao

Sax, are you still getting pizza and fries delivered?

Of course.

Have you been thanking the delivery person for their selfless service?

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They should be thanking him for his continued patronage.

A mobius strip of thank yous.

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I tip big but I have them leave the order on the steps so they don’t have to talk to me.

There’s free pizza and fries outside Sax’s you guys!


All my neighbors are old as fuck, they won’t risk touching the doorknob and getting the rona to go outside.

Terrence is already lurking in a hedge outside your house, painted up like Matrix in Commando and waiting for his chance to steal your pizza.

My mom has it. Tested positive and everything. She was getting better, then this week she got worse, but then she supposedly got better over the past 36 hours. Diarrhea is a symptom apparently, so watch out for the runs.


I had the runs for months but then I switched from Bialetti coffee to Moccamaster coffee and now I drop bombs every morning instead of fragments. It could also have been corona. Good to hear you mom’s alright.


Glad your mum’s okay, Pujo.

My paternal grandfather, my last surviving grandparent, just had a stroke at the nursing home where he lives. He can’t walk and can barely talk. Because he has dementia he keeps forgetting he can’t walk, tries to and falls. He’s now confined to bed and his blood pressure is getting real low, so he’ll probably die soon.

I feel bad about not being there and missing his funeral, because my paternal grandmother died while I was on honeymoon and we didn’t make it back in time for the funeral. I only made it to my maternal grandmothers funeral.

Mostly though I feel for my dad, who won’t get to see his father before he passes and won’t make it to the funeral either as my grandfather is up north.

I really sorry for you, Mudrock. That whole thing sounds really rough, especially for your dad.

My grandmother died in late 2018 while we were over here and we couldn’t go back for it. Or rather, I’d made me peace with her passing away and didn’t need to go back. Every time we visitied I assumed it was the last time, so I was ready for it.