Champions League

Into the knockout stages now, so it actually matters.

Does anyone ever think that Alvaro Morata looks like scoring? Since he left Juventus, I mean.

Fuck me, Haaland has two more goals tonight.

His ma must have been some footballer.

Champions League? Nah, crap competition, should only be for league champions, blah blah. Premier League is all that matters.

It’s fucking mental: he’s scored more than a goal a game for each club he’s played for this season.

I wonder where he’ll end up. Surely Real Madrid only have the funds and the space for him or Mbappe.

I think Real, but it’s hard to know how much money they actually have. Barca are not in a great spot, and I’m not sure Madrid are much better.

Guys, we all know where he’s headed. It’s why they only offered Ighalo a short term loan.

A Juventus feeder club. Makes sense when you think about it.

Incredibly, Mourinho moaning all week about injuries and how difficult the game’s going to be has not filled the Spurs players with confidence. Never mind the fact they turned over an excellent Ajax side without Harry Kane last season.

Former Ireland manager, and best pundit in the world, Brian Kerr is stealing my jokes now. From TV tonight:

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Were Atalanta favourites to beat Valencia? They’re giving them a pounding.

Because Mourinho, like us, knows it’s all about the Son.

How is Werner looking? Asking for a friend.

Took his penalty well. That’s been about it - although I did miss the first half, in which apparently Spurs were terrible.

Fucking Chelsea doing their best to minimise their fixture list between now and May in the race for fourth. :ngggh2:

I think the worst part of this is having to listen to Steve McManaman support Man City from the BT Sport commentary box.

Has Jovic bombed out at Real Madrid?

Ramos getting his marching orders is never not :haha: , I suppose.


Fucksake Niels!

Now Jose. Bring on Parrott, so you can blame him for everything.

He is fucking tiresome. I don’t know how Alli being played out of position and contributing nothing is better than Parrott getting some game time.

Still, at least he’ll be able to have a run out in the Europa next season. :disgust:

Is this weirdo even going to use any subs?