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On the lookout for a used car under $15k. What do ya’ll think of this one

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Seems decent, go for it if you want to. the koreans have made huge strides in the last 5-10 years with their cars, especially the last 5. If it were my money i’d go for a toyota or honda, you can find used corollas, civics, even a few accords or priuses for under 15k with perhaps higher mileage than that but they will probably last longer. I think you can’t really go wrong with the newer korean cars though, especially if they’re still under that sweet 100k mile/6 year limited warranty

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In the 5 years since I last went to Mumbai :beulah: virtually all the cool Premier Padminis have been replaced by compact Hyundais, with the occasional Mazda.

Korea has made a killing over there.

Buy this.


Does it have cruise control

The real number for a good car is…

I can’t see the cartell page you posted because it redirects to EU and I couldn’t be arsed working around it. I’m sure it’s fine.

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So, electrics. I have analyzed my driving patterns and come to the conclusion that I should take one for team Earth and actually get one of the wretched things. Who has one, who’s thinking of buying one and, respectively, how is that working out for you and why?

I’m currently leaning towards the Hyundai Ioniq EV as the most suitable model, particularly now that the MY2020 with the larger battery is on sale (two sets of wheels and metallic paint included for free) and should be driving down the price of the MY2019s that are still in stock. I have enough money saved up to buy either one outright and I’m not trading in my old car, so I should be able to get a good haggle going. Of course, this will entail loudly decrying the lack of app support (which I don’t really care about), limited range (175 km gets me pretty much everywhere I need to go and back) and the less than cavernous back seat and trunk, but that’s just the nature of the game.

The e-Golf is in the same price range, has more room in the back seat and better interior quality. Its fast-charging speed is apparently quite abysmal compared to the MY2019 Ioniq, though. And I really don’t like the idea of VAG seeing another dime of my money. Decisions, decisions…

Considering the tax breaks you get in Norway and the wide availability of charging stations, you really have no excuse.

Over here, they decided to tax the bejesus out of electrics, because, you know, the best way to encourage environmentally responsible consumption is to make it really fucking expensive and impossible to use 10 kilometers outside of the major urban centers.

I have driven rental Nissan Leafs quite a bit and with my admittedly limited experience with cars I’d say it’s one of the most stable and smooth feeling cars I know. Heavy car with low centre of mass and no gear shifts. Also, pretty decent acceleration for a family car (dat 100% torque at 0 RPM).

the e-golf is in it’s last year (at least over here) and my cousin was able to get a new 2019 one for $12,000 somehow. so, you know, just do that

Get a tesla model S performance.

Is it true that you and Barry race each other in your ones, like a gentrified soft reboot of The Fast and the Furious?

Yes, it’s true.

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I bought a car. 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited Edition. Black. 35k miles. $15k after fees and nonsense. I dig it, but man, spending that much money at once makes you woozy.

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:cheers: I just closed the deal on a 2019 Ioniq EV with 750 km on the dial for $27k. We’ll both be too busy drowning in poontang to notice that wooziness anyway.

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