Boxes and Boxes of Black T-Shirts

Since we’re now once again whole, in a little frm of our own, I think it’s time we have a thread for what is arguably the defining cultural attribute of this thing.

This is by far the best looking longsleeve I own, from the band Trespasser


Do you wear that in public?

Very rude question to ask of a man’s formal attire.



I apologise unreservedly.


Sure, this is a crust band but I say it goes.

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Fuck I gotta get me one of them.

How dare you.

That Trespasser is a beautiful piece of Commie propaganda.

I’ve bought a few short sleeves after a long period of shunning the uniform. I tend to go for non-black where available… Got a white Mgla during their last visit and a khaki Lunar Aurora (Hoagascht), might have picked up a purple Batushka before they revealed themselves as drama queen cash whores. I have a few Destroyer 666 shirts but have become a bit woke about displaying the word “genocide” in an approving context.



What would KK say?

Recently purchased Vomitory reunion shirt. I try to buy only the most grotesque of shirts these days, because I am a connoisseur.


If you’re gonna go, go hard (but not racist k thx)

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A couple of my most prized possessions. 1988-89 Napalm Death Longsleeve and 1991 Entombed Longsleeve. Both Earache originals.


Now worth well over $100,000.

That ND hoodie is a thing of beauty.

The vintage stuff is awesome but the prices are getting insane. I’ve got an original Suffo Effigy green logo shirt on the way (they also did a blue logo version). I’ll post a few moar from my collection when that shows up.

Oldest shit I have is a LARD shirt from 1997. Everything else is no older than about 2008 when I decided to ruin my life forever by exclusively wearing metal shirts.

Doesn’t matter how old. Poast. I’ve got a Vanhelgd Relics shirt from like 2015 or something and I am 82 years old. Great album by the way if you haven’t heard it.

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Power Trip tour longie from I believe 2018.

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