Boop, they blastin' - New death metal

New video from Scalpture. Could easily be a track taken from HoB, both in terms of the tempo, guitar sound and themes. Not exactly recreating death metal, bu thoroughly recommended, at least until these guys turn out to be… uh… European history enthusiasts.

Hook it up to my veins.

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I’m on a whole thing now with these guys. This is fantastic. Great vocal tone.

New release from some nice folks.

God damn.

Oh man, now this is right in the sweet spot for me.

I’m on a fuckin roll.


Never heard of these guys before but this is great! My Dying Bride vibes.

Good stuffs.

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Good death metal here with melody and occasional insane screaming.

This is a good’un.

Never been much of a Gruesome fan but this new track is fun. This should be a decent split.

Abramelin are back! Who knew? I mean, Gorilla, obviously, but… who else knew?

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I knew it was coming out but hadn’t heard the track. Not bad, benefits from Dave Hayley’s drumming a lot.

New Temple of Void is almost certainly going to be my AOTY. 6 tracks, 37 minutes. The brevity of the album, and the way it just ends where most albums would have included another 1 or 2 tracks, is really refreshing. Leaves you wanting more. The blend of death doom with psychadelic stuff is still super cool. I particularly loved the use of clean vocals on this track, which somehow introduces a 90s goth feel to the whole thing.

More like Temple of Avoid, amirite guys?