Barbecue Thread

So, my wife got me a Weber kettle grill for my birthday. Looks like I will be doing some barbecuing this summer. :jimmy:

I don’t really know much about barbecue beyond the standard direct heat method. Educate me on the mysteries of low and slow.

Webers are great for roasting, I believe. Good work, Mike’s wife.

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I usually do about an hour of sous vide before I barbecue. Temperature depends on the meat.
Then I toss it on a very hot grill for a short time, just for texture and flavor.

Ribs I’ll sous vide for 18 hours and grill for a longer time at a lower temp.

Sometimes I do the sous vide with grill oil or spices. Depends on the meat.

Is there boar in Finland? To me it’s the best barbecue meat.

You can get boar here, but it’s farmed. For game, elk and bear is the thing and you typically have to be a member of a hunting club to get access to it. It’s not widely sold in supermarkets and when it is it is prohibitively expensive. Same deal with reindeer.

I’d like to try some smoking, so we’ll see how that goes. For the past few months the YouTube algorithm has been lobbing a lot of smoking videos in my direction so I’m going to give brisket a try.

I’m a bit skeptical about sous vide.

Highly recommend getting a hinged grill for it. If you intend to use it for smoking or other low and slow applications you need access to your heat source to replenish coals or chips or whatnot and it’s a helluva lot easier if that whole chicken you’re smoking isn’t in the way.

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Also buy a coal chimney starter to prep your coals. Under no circumstances use lighter fluid.


Get a decent ($40-50) dual probe thermometer, one probe for food temp and the other for grill temp.

Get one of these. Seriously. Kettle grills are fine smokers but you will spend a lot of time fussing with the vents to control the temp. and that gets pretty old, especially if you’re smoking something 6+ hrs, this little gadget eliminates a ton of that.

Fancy hardwood lump charcoal is good for achieving white hot temps to sear a steak or something, but it burns inconsistently and unevenly. Good old pressed and formed (but not instant light) briquettes+wood chips are far more consistent and predictable for smoking. Accuracy and consistency are your best friends when smoking (pole :tobias:).

And yes to the chimney starter and hinged grill (like this). Take the initial hit for the proper accoutrements, if you stick with it you’ll end up with all that shit anyways so save yourself some aggravation and ACT NOW


Also would recommend something more forgiving than brisket on your first outing. Shake things out with a couple of chickens first or a perk sherldr, something with plenty of fat and interconnective tissue to break down.

Prok sholder:
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Thanks for the tips, el duderinos. I assumed there would be necessary accessories so now I know what to look for. The temp gauge thing looks very useful. I watched a few videos on proper temp maintenance and it looks like a bit of a chore even under the most germane of circumstances .

Absolutely. In theory posting up and minding the grill all day seems pretty chill, and for a couple hours or so it is, but once the novelty has worn off and you’re 8 hrs. in and drank all the beer an NO ITS NOT FUCKING READY YET it becomes decidedly un-chill. :gil:


Just got this guy delivered, I am embracing my Backyard BBQ washed king status

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Sous vide rules. It’s a simple way to give lesser cuts of meat pretty much the same texture as the fancy stuff. I highly recommend it.

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Get this book. Do what it says.

My cheap, shit, gas BBQ died this year… Or rather was unsafe to use due to holes rusted in it. I wasn’t supposed to have it this long because I couldn’t have a charcoal BBQ on my balcony, and wasn’t supposed to live here this long. Went to clean it for first use three weeks ago, and it was ready for the bin. I would have given it a viking funeral, but if I could set it on fire I wouldn’t be in this situation.

Anyway, I have not bought a replacement because the shops are only just reopened, and fucking insane with people.



Doesn’t it require fancy equipment?

Nah, just a single piece of equipment that’s around a 100 USD. I’d recommend an Anova.

A vacuum sealer, and a thing that looks like a sex toy that is sold as something else.

  • Grill related autism incoming, also bad formatting. Sorry.

I’m a shameless Weber shill and fanboi. They still stock replacement parts for all their old stuff and their customer service is A1. People sell (or throw out/give away) their old ones all the time usually bc of a minor issue. They are built like tanks and dead simple to repair.

I got the gas one for $75 on Craigslist and put another couple hundred bucks into it to get it better than new. The shelves are cast aluminum and stainless and it weighs a ton. All the side burner components are solid cast stainless and stainless bar. The kettle is my dad’s old one and the little guy is the first one I bought at our first place, the kids cook hot dogs on it now.

I got this one for a song too and fixed it up for my old man for his birthday. Eventually I’d like to ditch the big Darth Vader grill for one like it. Probably none of this applies in Eurotown but if you can get them in Finland of all places who knows.


I kind of thought Weber was German.

In any case, our summers are short, so we try to take advantage when we can. We have a whole section of the local Walmart equivalent dedicated to barbecue contraptions at this time of year. Pretty much all of those are available.

Also, that seems like an excessive amount of barbecue devices for one man.

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Haha hey guys who let my wife in the thread amirite

Cereally though they each have their purpose. The gas gets used pretty much year round and is good for weeknights when it doesn’t make sense to fire up a chimney of coals to do a couple of pieces of chicken and some veggies, and the kettle gets used for blast furnace heat if needed and smoking as well. The little guy is cause it’s all about the kids, man.