Badger's Beefs - Tech Death

This deserves a thread. I listen to a lot less techy stuff than I did a decade ago, but post your tasty tracks in here. Fuck to Badger.


Hardly their most techy track, but enough to perturb a certain mustelid, hopefully.




I like how fucking weird and janky the guitars are in Artificial Brain. All the techy NY black metal bands see, to have the same thing going on, lotta Gorguts worship in NY.

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Bob Vigna looks so much like an evil hypnotist/necromancer. I would put this track up against anything else in their catalogue.

I don’t normally go in for this kind of thing but there are some exceptions.

may cause disorders of the nervous system:

Strange subsonic shifting grooves with lol vocals, love it:


The final boss of the off-brand game of Bloodborne that is Badger’s life.

Spudborne? I need to workshop this.

Is the getting her name wrong some lame attempt at an epic own?

It’s from a joke FB group so I assume it’s part of the satire.