Bad Movie Accents

Just watched The Eagle Has Landed, a 1976 movie about a Nazi plot to kidnap or kill Winston Churchill in England and it has some of the worst accent attempts I have ever seen. Michael Caine plays a German commando with a silly Krautney accent that comes and goes throughout the film. Even worse is Donald Sutherland, who plays a radical IRA operative who joins the Germans’ plot in order to fight for a united Ireland. Sutherland seems almost quietly embarrassed over how poorly his attempt at sounding Irish is going. Robert Duvall’s attempt at a German accent is only marginally better.

Other bad accents: Kevin Costner in Robin Hood, Keanu Reeves trying to sound southern

Even worse, Keanu Reeves trying to sound English.


Back when Netflix came in the mail, I got Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Neither me nor Mrs. Terrence had seen it before but were both horghing it up whenever Reeves was in a scene.


Gareth sent me The Long Good Friday on dvd and I still cant watch it because it doesn’t have an option for subtitles.
I cant understand a word the characters are saying.

Not because they’re bad actors or using bad accents, but because I’m an idiot.

oi, gov, I’m bloody knackered from how long this Good Friday’s been, innit?
Indeed, old son.

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No spoilers!

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Charlie Hunnam in Green Street Hooligans is truly grim.



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