Anybody watch Normal People yet?

I believe it’s on Hulu in the US.
Based on the Sally Rooney book that got huge amounts of hype. I’m not the biggest fan of her books, I was surprised they were as well received as they were, but I think the show is fantastically well made. I can’t remember another show based on a book where I thought the show was better than the book.

I think this is going to be another Downton Abbey thread where it’s just me and Shane watching.

I just saved everyone six hours:

At a secondary school in Carricklea, County Sligo, a flame is kindled between Connell and Marianne. Connell and Marianne’s romance blossoms, but his eagerness to keep their relationship a secret puts it under strain. As their school days come to a close, Marianne cuts Connell off after a hurtful betrayal. As he struggles to fit in at Trinity College, Connell is reunited with Marianne, who has hit her stride at university. Marianne doubts her new relationship as her bond with Connell grows stronger. Connell and Marianne’s renewed fling comes to an abrupt end due to a misunderstanding. Marianne’s new boyfriend Jamie is threatened by Connell’s return to their lives. Connell visits Marianne’s summer home in Italy, where tensions between Marianne and Jamie reach breaking point. While on the Erasums student exchange programme in Sweden, Marianne finds herself in another unhealthy relationship. Connell’s mental health suffers after an old school friend commits suicide. Connell and Marianne contemplate their future, and the abuse Marianne receives at home increases. Happy at last, Connell and Marianne’s relationship encounters another hurdle when he is invited to study in New York.

I’m halfway through. Not bad, but I can’t see it playing well anywhere other that Ireland and the UK.

Marius, that intervention you staged for Jim didn’t work.