Aces 100 Meters High (Hobby Drones)

Yes, hello. I bought a drone! Everyone is kindly advised to address me Mr. Pilot henceforth.

Here’s a small vid. I’ve only flown a couple of times so far.


Is anyone else a Master of the Skies?



Thank you! Are you the fabled Other Person in this forum besides me?

What kind of drone, how much did it cost you and why?

All these questions! I can’t allow myself to tire too much mentally before flying as it could endanger the mission. But let’s see: It’s a DJI Mavic Air, it cost me 640 Euros, and I bought it because I’ll be doing drone footage as a part of my job and they gave me a course. I thought it would be fun to fly on my own time as well, and it is. The drone even has a tracking function so you can make it follow you around. It’s like having a dog except the drone can shoot film and doesn’t defecate on the street.

Post your drone footage.

Only if you post your memoirs, The Struggles of an Idiot. There’s a link to a vid in my first post. I’ll post more later. Kisses.

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It didn’t embed, in my defence.

So… are those trees small, or far away?

They are tiny little trees, roughly the size of a hand.

Here’s a bit more:


I see owning a drone is like owning a yacht, as it makes you 1000% more snippy towards the poor, non-piloting underclass.

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I’ve got two Filipinos employed to prepare the drone for flight and clean it after landing.

I get that drones can be very useful for getting aerial footage and I imagine that they’re fun to pilot, but there’s nothing more annoying when I’m relaxing in the park or at the beach then the buzzing sounds of quad rotor drones flying around above me.

If it’s any consolation, the birds-eye videos of your nude body are pretty popular on the drone forums.


Of all the threads to not have a Maiden title


I know, I know. I considered Aces High, but I think it’s been used already, and Tailgunner should be reserved for a possible gay porn thread somewhere down the line.


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