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Why dont webms work?

Is there a “mark all threads as read” option?

How does daddy quote reply a frmite post? :gramps:

Like that?

Highlight the text, and “quote” button will appear (I assume the same works on desktop)

Edit: it appears it deletes it if it is quoting the whole of the directly previous post


I have been reminded. However, I don’t have time to deal with this right now. Maybe I’ll get to it this week. If not, feel free to remind me again…you son of a bitch!

You’ll deal with it now. And you’ll like it.

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Does anyone else get this whenever a video is embedded in a tweet?


Me too.

I’ll get around to looking into this. Probably have to update the frm software. Will make a backup beforehand. Putting this on my schedule for…tuesday.


take my advice and don’t make a backup first.

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Where is our fix. I need my fix

Hi guys, I missed you all. I am so happy this forum is still going.


Hello, the avatars are tiny again.

Who said that? :hiyo:

I like how you can’t even tell who is all online